Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Wheeze Turns Four

Friday was Eva's fourth birthday. To celebrate this year, we decided to forego the standard party and instead do a full day of "girl time" - she is the Girliest Girl, so she thought this would be a great idea. We started the day with our traditional birthday pancakes (I ran out of batter because I made her a "3" pancake (FAIL), so we had to do some quick thinking with the blueberries). Then she and I dressed up and headed out shopping. Her birthday list included a new dress and some new toys, to be determined when we arrived at Target. So we shopped every single aisle of Target, and she picked out some new shoes, an adorable dress, and several Barbies. I was surprised at her choice, because she doesn't have any Barbies, and I didn't think she'd be interested, but she fully considered every aisle of toys, and we came right back to the Barbies. After Target we hit her absolute favorite store: Old Navy. After our shopping, we headed to the nail salon to get our nails done. She had her toenails and fingernails painted while I got a pedicure. She picked out a bright pink, and as a birthday surprise, the nail tech added white flowers and little blue stones in the middle. You've never seen a girl more excited about anything in her life! She was thrilled with her nails. After that we went to lunch (her choice, Mexican) where she put away some serious food. Later in the day we drove to Tulsa and had cake and more presents with Meme and Poppy. She seemed to have a really fun day, and oh, the excitement on Monday morning when she got to school with her nail polish!

Happy 4th birthday, Miss Priss!


Betsy or Alex said...

Taya's breath was taken away when she saw the flower on the nails. "Eva is so lucky to do that!"

Nancy Bane said...

She is so stinkin' cute! I wish I had a girl instead of these icky boys. :)