Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Future Hall of Famer

For the first year this year, one of our kids is playing organized sports. Ari is playing football through the Upwards program at our church. He just barely squeaks in at 4 years old; he was by far the smallest little guy I saw the night we were there. We had to take him last week to evaluations. Several coaches run the kids through different drills and routes and skills tests to determine their playing level, then they distribute the children equally onto different teams, insuring that no one team has all the future NFLers, I guess. I was a nervous wreck on the sidelines, wondering if Ari could figure out the running routes - he was just so little! He was last in line (in the green shirt), so he would watch the other boys, and figure it out, and just take off when it was his turn. I was so proud of him! He caught three of his five passes (which they catch while running sideways), which was his biggest fear. And although his throwing skills aren't quite superb (on the long throw, he pretty much just grounded it straight down), overall he did fantastic. I cannot wait for games! He is just so cute out there, and although he was battling some serious nerves (he came up with all kinds of excuses why he couldn't go to evaluations, including a fake injury and an impromptu nap), he went out there and did his best. We're still waiting to hear what team he's on, and while I don't expect he'll be playing quarterback this year, it's still going to be so fun to see him out there!

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