Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Day with Nanny & Papa

Last week while Keith was out of town, while Eva was at school, the boys and I spent a day with Nanny and Papa. They are my grandparents, the kids' great-grandparents. They live on a huge piece of land, and Papa keeps a big garden, and the boys wanted to check it out. So we went over early one hot, hot morning. Papa was already out working, and he offered to take the boys up to the garden. Owen chickened out (too hot), but Ari and I went on. I got some precious pictures of Ari and Papa together, enjoying the garden and each other. He showed Ari how to dig potatoes, pull onions, and let him pick a green bean, squash, and a couple of cucumbers. We brought Ari's vegetables home (along with another big bag of potatoes and squash!) and enjoyed them that very evening. After their gardening, we played inside with Nanny (pillow forts, blocks, TV), had lunch (Happy Meals! and chocolate cake!), then headed home for nap. I treasure these pictures beacuse I grew up playing in that house, on that land, in that garden, and now my kids are enjoying it, too. (I didn't get a single shot of Nanny or myself that day, but we were both there, I promise! I need to get better about taking more pictures, and including myself with the kids sometimes.)

Walking out to the garden

Checking out the vegetables

The proud gardener!

Could that baby be any more relaxed?!

Pillow forts! The big red & yellow pillow is practically a family heirloom; I played with it when I was younger than Owen is now.

The bountiful harvest

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