Friday, March 13, 2009

Lunch Ideas

Staying at home with the kids has definitely led to lunch boredom. If I see one more sandwich or bean burrito, I might just go crazy. I've been doing lots of Googling lately trying to find some fresh ideas for lunches. I think maybe I am too traditional in my thinking - I plan for one main item (such as a sandwich), a cracker or chip, and a fruit or vegetable. But there are a lot more options when I start looking outside the box. I found many ideas for cracker and cheese lunches (homemade Lunchables, cracker mini-pizzas), or savory muffins (such as today's lunch of Frog in a Bog muffins - homemade cornbread with sausages), or different homemade dips. I'm trying to branch out in our choices, and hopefully get the kids eating a greater variety of things. Not just sandwiches!

Today we had the Frog in a Bog muffins and fruit kebabs (known around here as "Fruit Swords") - the kebabs were a huge hit, and the boys happily ate down all of the fruit, even the honeydew melon, which they've never had before and might have spurned otherwise. The muffins were delicious, and I have enough to pop some in the freezer for lunch another day. Not a traditional lunch, but the boys loved it (no fighting over finishing their food), and it was pretty simple. My kind of change.

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