Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Like a crenshaw melon

As we hurtle into week 37 of this pregnancy (that's full-term, ya'll, full-term), the always-helpful Babycenter weekly updates that are delivered right to my inbox have informed me that the baby is now the size of a crenshaw melon. That's right, you heard it here. A crenshaw melon.

Yeah, no clue? Me either.

There you go.

Is it too soon to just say that he's, well, baby sized? He's around 6 pounds, so smaller for a baby, but definitely still akin to something more human than fruit. We're bearing down (oh, ha ha, unintentional pun there) on the last few days as a family of 5. Our worlds are officially about to be rocked.

We had our second Lamaze class last night, and one mother in there, a very earthy lady if I say so myself (homebirth, midwife, eats lots of ground up types of grains, and wants everyone to know it, you know the type) made the comment that in order to have a natural birth, you must have an incredibly strong philosophy of birth. Meaning, essentially, that if pain meds are an option for you at all, you'll probably take them. I think this made an impact on Keith, as he turned and asked me, "Do you really think you can do this?" Because we all know that my birth philosophy runs more towards comfort than strength, but this is, in fact, a crucial financial decision. And I decided that I think I can do it. Money is, after all, a very strong philosophy as well. And I feel like we are being well-trained in our class (although after a particularly graphic video last night of birthing both baby and placenta, I'm wondering, did I actually do that twice? It's disgusting!). So hopes are high that my labor partner (ha ha, I called Keith a labor partner!) will get his head sorted out and get me my music and be ready to ah-hee ah-hee ah-hee ah-hoo all the way to the birth of little Seth. Or else, someone poke me with something already.


Marcie and BIll said...

Its not disgusting! :) I think its kinda fun....but then again, when facing a no epidural birth, I just might blanch just a bit myself.

The Harris Family said...

I set out to have natural childbirth with my 3 children (which I did accomplish), but there was a point with each one that I thought "I'm not going to make it another minute". Then it was over. It helps to know that when it gets REALLY bad, it's almost over--and I mean usually within 15-30 minutes. I AM GOING to do natural again with this child, but the thought of an epidural still haunts me. I think, "that may not be such a bad idea"--especially when that last stage hits. But truth is, it's MUCH better for you and SO MUCH better for the baby if you don't. You will do fine. You could always be thankful you're not having to birth naturally on a pole (yes, a big stick in the ground that they hold on to) out in the middle of nowhere like some tribal women still do to this very date! :)