Friday, October 31, 2008

Because Owen willed this to happen

Yesterday's OB appointment (I am 38 weeks and 3 days today) went well - strong heartbeat, even though this baby has virtually stopped movement. Dilated 3, soft cervix, but baby still high. The unfortunate part was measuring 41 weeks, a solid 3 weeks ahead of schedule, and the doctor palpitating my stomach over and over and telling me that I really need to get this baby out. NO. KIDDING. It feels like a giant monster baby. And still, no real signs of labor. I think this is Owen's fault - he has insisted for weeks that the baby is not allowed to come before Halloween because "it will ruin all of our fun!" So perhaps it is with the sheer force of his desire for candy that the baby hangs in there, making me feel crazy swollen and pretty much like a turtle stuck on its back, rolling around helplessly. I hope Halloween is worth it, Owen.

This doctor's appointment, and my subsequent fear of trying to deliver a giant, anterior (no idea on that one, but the other two were anterior, so I'm assuming) baby au natural brought on some great dreams last night. I had one dream where I started to deliver, then the dream fast-forwarded to post-birth, and me searching all over the hospital for my baby. I finally found him, and he was a giant baby. Keith and I stood over him, and read his little bassinet: Baby Seth, 10 pounds, 3 ounces, 25 inches long. Then the baby rolled over and crawled towards Keith. Keith laid him back down on his back and told him he is not allowed to do that yet. Then I woke up.

So in the spirit of killing time until the baby is born, the kids and I made a trip to the fabric store and they chose some coordinating spider fabrics for trick-or-treat bags. I finished those up on Wednesday. Ari looked at it and said, "Mom, did you think we already had enough candy, so you made these medium-sized?" Seriously - they aren't that small. And they're cute.

And Eva had a Halloween party at preschool yesterday, and had to wear her costume. She absolutely loved wearing it, and she was so protective of the little makeup nose and cheeks I put on her. She told everyone DON'T TOUCH IT. She looked really cute. This costume has now been worn by all three of my kids, and my brother teasingly told me to put it aside for Seth, too - can't have just one of them not wearing the scarecrow. (Below: Eva yesterday, Ari in 2006, and Owen in 2004 - looks like the costume needs some freshening up.)

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