Monday, October 27, 2008

Family photo shoot

My friend Lacey did some family and maternity shots with us today. She is such a great photographer to work with, although we are definitely not an easy family to shoot. The boys were pretty wild. But she is patient, and takes a lot of shots, and eventually you get some you like! She got lots of wonderful shots of the kids. I was pretty grossed out by most of my pictures, just because I am enormous and I look enormous and my face looks swollen and I feel gross. It is nice to have some shots of the belly, though, because I haven't taken any pictures to speak of throughout this pregnancy. She got some great series shots of the kids, each by themselves but in the same basic location and pose, so I can frame and hang them in a group of three. Here is one she sent me (she took over 200) of the boys. I absolutely love it - can't you see it blown up huge and hung over my couch? Gorgeous. Especially combined with a matching frame of their little sister.

I'm not a huge fan of my beastly belly, but I like Eva in the background. It's a neat shot.

Once she gets them edited and onto the CD for us, I may have more to share. And of course we'll have to do the whole thing again when Baby Seth gets here!

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Lori said...

the pictures are wonderful!

i have a photo taken of myself 3 days before my second son was born. i thought it was terrible then - i could barely look at it, lol. and now, of course, i treasure it!