Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween 2008

Owen worked on this little story project today at school. I absolutely love when he writes things on his own, comes up with his own phonetic spellings. How cute is "punckin" instead of "pumpkin"? I think these little writings are just priceless.

Halloween was fun. We met up with a large group of friends and took the kids to a local church for their little festival. There were pony rides and games and candy and hot dogs. Then we hit a few neighborhood houses for a little trick-or-treating. The kids claim they had a wonderful night. And not too bad on the candy, either - they got lots of good candy this year (namebrand chocolate, in my book), unlike last year where it was mostly suckers and fruity chew things. Owen was a pumpkin, Ari was an elephant, and Eva was a scarecrow.

Owen on the pony ride:

And the boys running around playing games (ignore the overripe tummy on the far right):

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