Friday, July 14, 2006

Owen-isms (or, Let's Talk About Poop)

Yesterday in the car, Owen was singing a made-up song that went something like this:

Diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea,
Where are you?

It had a catchy tune, but the lyrics left something to be desired. Assuming this was yet another case where he was using a word that he didn't understand (remember, the "wind is delirious" episode?), I asked him if he knew what diarrhea even was.

"Yes, it's the poop in Ari's diaper."

Alright then.

And another Owen-poop story (proving that he is, in fact, 100% boy):

Last night after making his number 2 (is there a gentler way to say that?), he was examining the potty contents and made this observation: "Look, one is floating on the top! But the rest are staying with their friends in the bottom." Ah, toilet friendships.

I'm leaving Nashville for Kazakhstan on Tuesday night around 6 PM. I'll be there 11 days. If all goes well (and say a prayer that it does, please!), Eva and I will be home Friday afternoon, July 28th. She will become a US citizen as soon as her little foot hits US soil (which will be in Chicago). Very exciting! And then Saturday she will attend her first American birthday party (for one of Owen's friends) at a water park (provided she and I can scrape ourselves out of bed with the jetlag).

Speaking of birthdays, is Ari really turning two so soon, in just over a month? Really?

And can I possibly use more parentheses in this entry (I think I can).

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