Friday, July 14, 2006

Media Lover

Two things I love right now:

So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother 7: All Stars

I watched Dance last year, and I'm an even bigger fan this year. I love the dancing, I love the contestants. My favorite dancer is Benji. The show is a more unpopular cousin of American Idol, but it's just as good (even if the judges aren't as entertaining). I like watching the dancers more than watching the singers on AI.

BB7 is shaping up to be very interesting this year. Unfortunately, Alison was voted off last night, and I didn't want her to go. I hated her in Season 4, but you can't deny girl played an awesome game. But she didn't come into BB7 with her best game face on. She said she's grown up, so she can't be the same witch she was back in 4. Regardless, she is still so feared from season 4 that they booted her first this year. She's such a good player, that's why I wanted her to stay in the game. Come on, she's the girl we love to hate.

Oh, reality TV! I heart you more than ever.

Also, I love old Whitney Houston music (recently downloaded: Where Do Broken Hearts Go, How Will I Know, All the Man I Need, Run to You, I Have Nothing).

One more Owen-ism that almost I forgot:

Keith and I bought stacking dolls for the boys in Kazakhstan, the Russian kind where the big doll opens up to a littler doll, which opens up to a littler doll, and so on. They are great hits with the boys. The first day Owen was playing with his, putting the dolls in each other's stomachs and closing them up. After observing it for a while, he said: Hmm. People eating people.

I thought that was a pretty perceptive comment. Because, isn't it?

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Melani said...

I love BB7 too! Last year was the first season of BB that I watched so I wasn't sure if I could enjoy the All-Stars but I've been sucked right in.

Love all the Owen-isms. I wish I would have been better about writing all the funny things my kids have said.