Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tis the Consigning Season

I've been to so many consignment sales lately, I can't keep them all straight. It's that time of year, when all the churches and schools have these huge sales of gently loved clothing, toys and baby gear. I've been hitting them all, because the littlest Foster is in dire need of summer attire. This past weekend Keith got all of our 18 - 24 month and 2T clothing out of storage. I was all set to get it washed and ready for Ari to wear this summer. I put one little sunsuit on him, and it was way too small - too short in the crotch, he could hardly stand up straight. Most 18 - 24 month clothing goes up to 28 pounds. Ari is over 32 pounds. I can only blame myself; I am not a giant, but I am obviously a carrier of the Weeks giant gene. He fits into 2T, but our 2Ts are winter, since Owen turned 2 in October. Thus, baby has nothing to wear. I did buy him one pair of jean shorts at K-Mart, out of pity really, so he has one pair of shorts. And I think I can glean from the storage piles a few more items that will work. But other than that, I guess we're going shopping! I haven't found much for him at the consignment sales. They have racks and racks of cute girl clothes, but the boys area is always pitiful. Boys must ruin their clothes faster than girls, because there's never anything that's not stained or ripped in the boys area.

The sales are also a great place for games. I've purchased two games for Owen, Disney Memory and Cooties. We haven't played either yet, but he is so excited. He keeps calling Cooties "the Cooter game." He loves to play games, so as soon as I get Cooties washed up, I'll owe him a few rounds. He is so good at games, and taking turns. Ari, he doesn't so much like to play games as he likes to destroy them, so we usually put him to bed before we play.

I also bought some girl items at the sale, I admit it. I can only hope, some day, in the near or distant future, that I might have a daughter! I'm sure I jinxed everything by purchasing clothes. It's like tempting fate: ho hum, I have this closet full of frilly pink dresses but no daughter, what could go wrong now, OH HAPPY DAGGER.


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Andrea said...

I have found that little boys clothes most generaly suck! Even buying them brand new. There are isles of girls cool, and trendy clothes. Maybe two racks of boys clothes, that are usually in the wrong size. Garage sales have great play clothes, no nice clothes for boys. I would agree with you, boys wear their clothes out faster than girls. You gotta love it!