Sunday, April 09, 2006

How was your Friday night?

Owen - Tornado Lockdown
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We spent ours in the bathtub! I left work early Friday afternoon to get the boys home before the storms came in. I got their helmets on and had them in the bathroom under a mattress by 4PM. We were in there until 6:15PM, and then after a brief moment of safety, another round of storms blew through, and we jumped back into the tub around 7PM. It was a long night, to put it lightly. But we are safe and sound, no damage to our neighborhood. I can't say the rest of the Nashville suburbs were so lucky. There are some towns that are literally wiped out. I'm so grateful that we were somehow missed by the worst of the tornados. It took Owen a while to get to sleep Friday night (he cried, worried about all of his toys blowing away), but there doesn't appear to be any long-term effects on the boys from all those hours crammed into a bathtub, under a mattress, wearing helmets, with a moderately freaked-out mother.

Friday weigh-in over the journal. And I uploaded some new pictures to Flickr.

I did a deep clean on Ari's room today, where I sorted all of his clothing, packed up the 12-18 month items, cleaned out all the drawers, and so on. The boys played in Owen's room during most of that time. At one point, Owen came into Ari's room, dragging his bed sheet behind him. "Mom," he said, "Ari wants this sheet spread out." I told him, "Owen, take that out of here. I don't want you bringing more stuff into the room I'm trying to clean." He sighed and left the room. Then I heard him say, "Ari - looks like I'm on my own."

Weather today is very nice. I should totally take the boys out for a walk. But this brings about an internal dilemma - having not a free second yet today to shower, should I take them out and risk my own humiliation? Or keep them cooped inside for my own selfish reasons?

Only 10 more days until Keith is home. The countdown begins.

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