Monday, April 03, 2006

Snippets of a Recap

Sorry no Friday weigh-in. I didn't weigh on Friday, and then Keith and I went out to eat both Saturday and Sunday (Bad!), and I didn't think it would be fair to add that in. I'll do another 2-week weigh-in this Friday.

So Keith was in this weekend and it was good. I was in Memphis on Thursday and Friday, and got back around 6PM on Friday. Made it home just in time to tuck the kids into bed. Saturday we drove around all afternoon looking for the Cheekwood botanical gardens - found them just at 4:30 PM, which is when they close. We went back on Sunday, paid our money to get in, and then it started pouring rain. It rained the rest of the day, and then the terrible storms came through last night around midnight. There were two waves of them; no damage in this area, but lots of deaths and damage in the surrounding area.

Only two more weeks and Keith is home for good! We'll be back onto another weird schedule once he starts school. He'll be going to class during the mornings and working in the afternoons and evenings. His job that he left at the hotel is still open, and they want him to come back. That's good because they are very flexible with his hours and his classes, but bad because it means nights and weekend shifts. Boo. If only I can remember that it is short-term.

Ari broke out in a rash so awful on Friday. He is covered in raised dots. We took him to the doctor on Saturday, and she said it must be some sort of allergic reaction. Allergic to what, we don't know. It doesn't seem to be bothering him, but he looks absolutely pitiful. Keith calls him Pickle, because he is bumpy like a pickle.

Not much else going on. Owen is so onery, I can't even wrap my head around how to get him in line. Other than that, he's a constant source of delight. He is just really smart and clever and energetic, all very good qualities, but I don't know how to make him mind as well as I think he should. Ari is still the spitfire. These qualities that make him difficult now (quick temper, having his own mind, taking care of himself), these will be the same qualities that will help him be successful when he's older. But they're less enjoyable on an 18-month old.

Watched The Constant Gardener and Walk the Line this week. Really enjoyed them both, but loved the Johnny Cash film. Loved it.

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