Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Almost 30 years later.

Today is the day of his demise, 1977. RIP the King of Rock-n-Roll! And coincidentally, it's also the birthday of the King of the Wooorrrrld!

I am surely not the only one who felt that the Passions disaster was in really poor taste. The earthquake was one thing, but the subsequent tsunami? Really, NBC? Two waves hit Harmony, but they were quick to point out that there were no deaths. And then they showed Mrs. Wallis surfing one of the tsunami waves back into town, like a big joke. Look, I know Passions is known for its cheese. But this was a little over the top. And that wound is still pretty raw, if you know what I mean. Not cool.

The movie on Friday was fantastic. I loved the original, and I loved the new version. Johnny Depp was amazing. I heard going in that people thought he used Michael Jackson as inspiration, which he vehemently denied. I watched for it throughout the film, but I never got a Michael Jackson-esque vibe whatsoever. I though Depp played a different kind of Wonka than Gene Wilder. Wilder's Wonka (say that a few times) was dark, kind of creepy. Depp's Wonka was more child-like. I liked him better, actually. The only thing I didn't like about the new version was the Oompa-Loompas. The digitalized version just wasn't as good as the original. Either way, a great show, a new classic.

I'm scheduling our travel prep call tonight to start our remaining paperwork and get some information about the country and orphanage. I guess it's becoming more and more real, that we're going to make this journey. If I was pregnant, I'd be 9 months along, we're so close. But it doesn't feel that real yet, that we'll be adding a third child to our family very shortly. I know you're wondering the million-dollar question, but I haven't heard anything else on Eva. Maybe tonight they can tell me something during our call. I AM NOT HOLDING OUT HOPE.


Aitch said...

I agree, I loved the new will wonka. HATED the old one.

I didn't get a michael jackson vibe whatsoever either.

kze said...

I want...NEED details!!! Seeing as you are paving the way for us! We'll learn from your...ummm...adventure (?)!! LOL!!