Friday, May 06, 2005

The spirit moves him.

Owen’s newest thing: Climbs up the steps of the slide, sits down at the top, pushes off, and as he’s sailing down, he puts his hands up and yells, "Amen!" I did not teach him this, as much as I wish I could take credit for it. It is brilliant.

Wednesday was Keith’s and my 8-year dating anniversary. He no longer recognizes it, now that we’re married, but it was 8 years ago that we first started dating. No wonder I don’t remember life before him. He is wonderful.

I stayed home with Ari yesterday, after he spent most of Wednesday night screaming like a possessed Exorcist baby. He’s been cranky for a couple of weeks, and the last few nights have been unbearable. He was screaming and arching his back and kicking his legs and pummeling me with those little tiny baby fists. I took him to the doctor yesterday afternoon and he has (of course, you were waiting for it, right?) a double ear infection. I hate to say that I’m glad he has an ear infection, but I am at least glad that it was something they could diagnose and treat, so I can look forward to saying goodbye to Exorcist baby. I thought he was reverting back to not sleeping through the night, but maybe it’s just the ear infections.

Keith is off this Sunday, so I get to be pampered on Mother’s Day! At least, I’m hoping for a nap.

Monday I’m flying into and out of Baltimore on business. Tuesday I have another dentist appointment. The bad news is, I’m having two little cavities filled (thank you Pregnancy, you calcium bandit). The good news is, maybe I’ll get my Hydrocodone prescription refilled!

The rough draft of our home study is on its way to me for proofing. We’re going to get our fingerprints next Wednesday. Paperwork is this close to being done. I’m not a huge fan of our social worker, so she better get it right. Not only is she cold, she also took 3 weeks longer than she told us she would to finish her report. Geez lady, we’re paying you, remember?

Edited to add: As I'm uploading this entry, I just heard on the radio that a local woman was indicted on 24 counts of fraud for forging perscriptions for Hydrocodone. Now that is quite a coincidence. It wasn't me, I swear.

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