Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

My boys brought me breakfast in bed and a card, which Owen lovingly hand-selected himself. It has a bunny on the front, dressed up like a woman, and she is sitting with a bunny dressed as a child, presumably her bunny-son. Owen circled the bunny-son, as if to say, there I am! The sentiment on the front of the card reads, "For a Wonderful Daughter on Mother's Day." Owen completed the inside with various drawings of snowmen and unidentified 'letters' and Keith signed Ari's name. It is the cutest card, loved because Owen chose it himself, and funny because I'm not his daughter. After breakfast I was presented with my gift, which is a cellphone. I am very excited about this gift. Keith told me that it is a "gift with restrictions," and the minutes aren't unlimited, and it is more in the lines of an emergency cellphone, but it does cool stuff and I can text message, so I'm excited. He told me not to give my brother the number, since it's for emergency use only, but Kyle, I so will. Because it has cool songs for ring tones, and if no one ever calls me, I can't hear them. Very nice gift.

To my own mother in Texas, a very happy Mother's Day. I love you.

Speaking of Texas, Owen asked me the other day where God is, and I told him God lives very far away so we can't actually see His home, and Owen said, "Oh. He lives in Texas, right?"

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Aunt Penny said...

Hi Robyn! Sounds like things are going great! Isn't my Dad & Gloria there visiting? I hope you can post some pics of them with the boys. We're doing great! busy all the time & working working working. I'm VERY excited that Ross & Marie want me to be in the labor & delivery room with them in June when "Lucas" is born! I can hardly wait! Much Love to you all, XOXOXO!!!Aunt Penny