Monday, May 02, 2005

Feeling out of sorts

In the worst sort of way! The pain meds from the dentist make me absolutely loopy. Like, shouldn't-be-driving sort of loopy. Methinks I shouldn't have taken them at work. But the pain of the gaping bloody hole in my mouth was too much. I didn't know a tooth extraction would suck so much, but I hated it. Even with three numbing shots to the mouth, I still felt my tooth sliding out as he yanked on it. I spent Thursday being numb, Friday yakking into the garbage disposal, and Saturday and Sunday buried under pillows trying to keep out the blinding light of the sun. Today, thanks to my friends Hydrocodone and Ibuprofen 400, I'm at work. I heart prescription drugs.

Today is the birthday of my BFF! Happy 25th, Boodles! I promise I've been trying to call today, but I keep getting a busy signal and I thought you were out of town and I'll get through eventually and gifts to follow. Love you!

Ari morphed into World's Sweetest Baby this weekend. I think his teeth have stopped moving for a while. Gone is the monster grouch that was driving me crazy the past few weeks. He was such a good boy this weekend, which was great for me, seeing as how I was more of a zombie with puke breath, and not much of a caregiver.

Owen has fallen in love with caterpillars. He loves to hunt for them, watch them, feed them leaves (actually, he just lays the leaves on top of the caterpillars), and talk to them and about them. "I see a cat-piller! I think him making a ca-KOON! I think so! And when him come out, he'll be a BEE-utiful BIG BUTTERFLY!" He won't touch them, though. I told him to pick one up, and he said, "No sanks. Them's ocky." A little boy, not into worms and gross stuff. That's my kind of little boy.

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