Wednesday, January 12, 2005

So Randy

I'm so tired of hearing about Randy Moss and his little episode on Sunday! My word people, bring a wild dog in the house and then get mad that he pees on your rug! It's his nature! As Owen would say, DAR! This is what he does! Funny how no one has mentioned his two touchdowns, or his blocks on offense, just the faux-mooning incident. I personally thought it was funny. Tacky, but funny. Most players who get into the endzone do some sort of celebratory dance. It's all about celebrating, saying HA, I DID IT! Letting the opposing team know you're there to play. It's not that easy to get into the endzone. Rub it in a little! Really, what is the NFL? The No Fun League?

Speaking of the revered NFL, I beat Keith by 7 wins in regular season picks. We decided not to pick throughout the play-offs. Good thing, because I would have spanked him there, too, although I totally thought Green Bay would blow out Minnesota last week.

I know I said I'd write a review of our trip to Gatlinburg, and I will soon. I haven't had time yet. Also, I reviewed our pictures from the trip, and not only did I take zero pictures of Ari, the ones I took of Owen aren't even any good. I may not post any after all. I need to reconvene with my camera once I get home tonight.

Finally, a gigantic HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the world's most beautiful cousin Ashley (who doesn't read this, but I still mean it). Happy birthday, Sis!


Anonymous said...

Nice touch-NFL-The No Fun League. I seriously doubt if you spanked Keith in fantasy football, and really doubt that you could do it in the playoffs. How good could you really be at fantasy football if you're a TITAN fan and pick the Packers over the Vikings. Get Real!

Robyn said...

Tell us how you really feel, Ter!