Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yesterday was a scorcher of a day, but we were out in it for Keith's brother's wedding. He was married in a local park, and the park was definitely beautiful. The heat was bad, though; the groom was sweating like crazy in his tux! It was a small wedding, with no attendants, but Eva did participate as a flower girl. She did a fine job of walking down the aisle, and stood nicely during the ceremony. I tried to explain to her what she'd be doing as I was getting her ready, and she didn't understand what a wedding was, so I told her she'd be in a show. Then she started talking about who was coming to "her show" so I told her it was actually Uncle Kyle's show, because he was the one getting married. Then she said, "If I'm getting married today, can I be a mommy now?" Apparently we were having trouble communicating! But she did play her role well, and the boys were quite well-behaved in the audience, even though it was hot and they were just pouring sweat. Seth rocked a cap and brought a whole new level of cute, I have to say. The reception was at the groom's house, in his backyard, and we were able to relax and just hang out while the kids ran around. And - finally - it cooled off while we watched the newlyweds dance, open gifts, and cut the cake. Seth ate his weight in potatoes, then proceeded to spit them back up on three different people. We had fun, and were completely exhausted when we got home after 9 PM. I'm glad we were able to be there. Keith's brother is just the neatest guy, and he loves our kids, and we're really happy he's around.

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