Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Owen's Big Report

On Thursday Owen must give his first-ever report at our homeschool co-op. It's for his States and Capitals class, and he must choose a state and present a few sentences about that particular state. He decided to choose Florida, because they have spaceships (the Kennedy Space Center) and alligators. We worked on his visual aide today, and it is just so cute. He is also going to take orange juice for his class. I love his writing and his little artistic touches. Whether or not he's actually going to say his prepared speech, I have no idea (although I doubt it, seriously, even with some major bribing), but he definitely worked hard today on his project.

Completely unrelated, here are some pictures of sweet little Seth helping make pancakes last night in the sling.


Betsy or Alex said...

Good luck today Owen, you can do it.

Jenny said...

How'd the report go? :) Looks great!!