Friday, May 22, 2009

One Baby, Needs Attention

When Seth feels that he's not being paid proper attention, he fake coughs. It is hilarious. I tried to get a video of it by hiding around the corner where he couldn't see me, and sure enough, he had to break out the fake coughs. He is AWESOME.


Nancy Bane said...

Very cute! Jackson does this kind of thing too...if you walk out of his eye sight he starts SCREAMING bloody murder, and then you walk back in, and he's all smiles and coos. Goofball. Babies are so funny!!

Ashley said...

That is WAY TOO FUNNY! Little stinker!!!!!

Ravenna3 said...

Hi, Robyn, it's Keith's aunt Christy. I would like to send you the updated Foster family tree, old family photos, and the Foster family website. Please email me at, and I will email the info to you. I enjoy reading your blog! Very cute.
Love, Christy