Friday, May 22, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

On May 7, Owen officially graduated from kindergarten! It was the cutest little ceremony. The teacher called each child up by name, saying their parents' names, and also stating a character trait that the child had grown in over the past year. Owen excelled in "social awareness and empathy." Of course, it went about as I figured it would - Owen refused to wear the hat (in his defense, it absolutely would not stay on his head), refused to go forward until I dragged him up, and then stood there, as far away from the other children as possible, doing the patented Owen Walk of Shame (head down, sad face). Keith was mortified. I guess I'm just used to it by now. That kid, the one who won't participate in anything, who will probably cry and make a scene? Who's "WORST DAY EVER!" is every day? Who is a true pessimist? The 'glass half empty' kid? Yeah, that's my kid. Just another day being Owen's mom, and I just love the stuffing out of him just the same. And fortunately, all of his issues left me with no opportunity to sit down and feel sorry for myself and be weepy over my new first-grader.

But after the graduation ceremony came his Florida report, and I have to say, he rocked it. He was really anxious to get it over with, and was very vocal about wanting to have his turn. His teacher held his poster and he read the report, and during his reading, we passed out Florida orange juice to the other kids. He was very proud of himself, and I was SO proud of him. He was hands-down the best in class (seriously, even though I know I'm biased). Here's a video of his presentation.

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