Monday, September 01, 2008

Baby shower!

My wonderful BFFs at Bunco threw me a surprise baby shower last week! It was technically for myself and a couple of other pregnant girls in the group - and I was actually surprised! I had no idea it was coming. I was really touched - leave it to your BFFs to make Baby #4 as special as #1! Here are the other gals and myself. Jessica (on the far left) is 38 weeks along and having a baby girl (the baby quilt I made a few posts ago was for her). Jennifer (in the middle) is about 32 weeks along and having a little boy. And me, on the far right, I was 29 weeks along in this picture. There are actually four of us pregnant right now (out of 12), and here we are - Nicole, on the far right, just found out she is pregnant.
They pulled out the stops with the cupcakes and gifts. I have lots of gift-opening pictures, but I look swollen and kind of evil in all of them, so suffice to say, I got some goodies! One of my friends made a taggie toy and seven flannel burp cloths, so nice, and I know I will use them all. I got some white onesies (very needed) and the big purchase, a baby swing. This was the one thing we didn't have left over from the other babes.

Aren't I lucky to have such wonderful friends?!

(Don't ask.)

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Sherry said...

It looks like you had a great time Robyn! I bet your getting excited!

Best of Luck to you!