Monday, September 08, 2008

31 weeks and counting

I really can't believe we're in the thirties now - 31 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has managed to both crawl and fly by. Same as the others, I suppose. I feel very healthy this time around, no problems or issues, no major worries. I am not terrified, but excited, which is a nice change. The kids are involved and excited, and I don't have to wrangle maternity leave and a breast pump, which I am absolutely loving. We are going to have four children soon. And that thought doesn't overwhelm me. I must be crazy.

Owen had a spelling test today, and he scored 100%. He is always very proud of himself after spelling tests, and of course I am extra proud of my little kindergartener. He is doing wonderful in homeschool. I really doubt that three weeks into public school they'd be nearly as far along as we are - reading 3- and 4-letter words, reading and writing full sentences, reading easy books. He's just doing awesome.

Here is a random shot of the boys today after lunch playing on the deck. They lined up all of their 'friends' on the porch swing and were swinging them around. Really cute little guys.

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