Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm a Rainbow!

We recently had an awards ceremony at church for the little kids' Wednesday night program (all my three are in Rainbows, which is a class for ages 3 - 5). Each child earns badges based on attendance, participation, and memory verse memorization. They got on stage and sang their Rainbow song and said their Rainbow pledge and accepted their certificates. Owen even got "vested" - meaning he is promoting up now that he starts kindergarten. It was so very exciting, and they looked adorable.

When we got home, I heard Eva singing her Rainbow song, and I was really surprised at how much she knew, since she only promoted up from nursery a few weeks ago. It was just too cute, I had to video it.

Here are the lyrics, because she still requires some interpreting...

I'm a Rainbow, a promise of God's care.

I like to share my happiness with my friends everywhere!

Also, the Rainbows pledge:

As a Rainbow, I will be a good helper, pleasing Jesus everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing that you get your little one to eat Veggies :) Do the boys eat veggies or just the lil girl? Very impressive!