Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eva turns three

A few weekends ago we had Eva's third birthday party, a very lovely tea party, attended by her very lovely little friends. We rushed the boys and Keith out of the house for a morning of girls-only fun, and we had three little girls and their mommies over. It was very calm, very relaxing, and very fun. I normally don't get to enjoy birthday parties, as I am either trying to contain rambuctious children, or trying to get food and everything served and in order and on time. But this party went very smoothly, and everything was perfect.

We requested that the girls wear their most beautiful tea party attire, and they each showed up in beautiful dresses. I supplied jewelry, heels, gloves, boas, and pillbox hats (courtesy of Betsy), and the girls dressed up for pictures. They were very lovely!

Then we sat down with the girls and made necklaces, which was a great craft for this age, and I think the girls really enjoyed it. I know Eva did - just look at that face. (Ignore the weird date on the pictures - we definitely had some camera issues.)

Then we went to the lovely tea party table, with chocolate milk in the teapot, and had finger sandwiches, fruit salad, and petit fours (which were absolutely hideous, thank you local bakery - they were leaning, hot pink messes - but tasted pretty darn good).

Last but not least, Eva opened her gifts. And just as she finished, the boys and Keith returned home from their morning of whatever it is they did while we partied.

It was a great tea party. Happy third birthday, Eva, you goofy little nut!


Sherry said...

Eva looks like she had so much fun!! Everyone looked beautiful!

Anonymous said...

She is a little doll, girls are so much fun! Enjoy her while you can, boys will always be mommas boys but girls hold a special place, and when they are older they become friends not just children. They grow up too fast!