Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Easter Holiday

This was the first year we dyed eggs with the kids. We used natural dyes, made of beets, grape juice, blueberries and onion skins. We had a great time seeing what surprises each dye gave us. Saturday morning before Easter the kids got up and searched the house for their Easter baskets. Sleepy bedhead babies and baskets of goodies!

We went to the Egg Drop at our church where the local sheriff's department dropped thousands of eggs from a helicopter. The kids loved it, got tons of eggs, and got their faces painted.

The weather has been so amazing lately, and the kids are obsessed with sidewalk chalk. Here are some of their recent drawings of themselves. Owen turned his into an Indian from the Pocahontas movie, and as for the smaller Mom in his belly, well, I can't really explain that.

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Sherry said...

Beautiful colors on the eggs! I would have never thought of using natural dyes. I wish my kids were in shorts! It's still in the 40's here and I think we're suppose to have some snow tonight. I'm so jealous!!