Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring is ...

  • sidewalk chalk!
  • warm wind in our faces.
  • garage sales.
  • lots of rain.
  • return of sandals!
  • green, green, green (even if it's just weeds for now).
I am digging the warmer weather, and the kids are loving the outdoors right about now. It feels amazing to let our bodies breath in shorts and flip-flops, even though every other day or so it gets cool again, and we're back to socks and hoodies. Thank you, crazy Arkansas hills.

I've been out of my sewing room for several days now, but ready to jump back in with some ideas for a doll quilt swap I've signed up for (my first). I need to think of something springy and exciting for my secret swap partner, and her website gives me some good ideas! I will have to work my own love of vintage fabric in to her notions, as well, so that will give me a good jumping off point. Now I can't wait to get back into that sewing room!

Owen's preschool is going well, although the novelty has seemed to wear off for him. He grumbles about going, but always has fun by the end of the day. He loves taking his lunch, and I always try to put something special in for him - a little piece of chocolate or a pudding cup, and always a note on his napkin. He asks his teacher to read him his note as soon as he arrives in the mornings! He loves it for now. I'm so dreading the days when Mommy isn't his best friend anymore - hopefully that day will never come, although as cool as I think I am, he will surely some day think I'm uber-lame. What a pity.

I put Eva in underwear today for the first time, and not a single accident, although I did take her to the potty every half hour or so. It was a sight to behold, because I had no little girl panties around, so she wore some of Ari's plain white briefs. Saggy around the leg holes! So funny. But she loved them. I promised her some princess panties if she can stay dry. What a day it will be to have all three of these babes toilet-trained. What a glorious day it will be.

I'm blogging through foggy glasses tonight, as it is well past midnight, but I've been up reading late again, and it can't be helped. Books are calling.

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