Thursday, February 07, 2008

A very lost tooth

Well, it's over. The tooth is out - and he swallowed it. So, no keepsake for me, which makes me incredibly sad. I really wanted that tooth! His first loose tooth, his first lost tooth, and I won't have it 30 years from now to look at and remember. Losing a tooth is such a milestone, just like kindergarten, which is right around the corner. My firstborn is growing up, and I can't do anything about it. WHY AGAIN CAN'T I STOP TIME? I miss the baby he was, but luckily he's turning into such an amazing little boy, with quick wit and intelligence, and so loving, with all his own little quirks, that I am still excited to look forward - but I'm still allowed to shed a few tears, right?

Since we don't believe in the Tooth Fairy around these parts, we left this for him last night, which he was thrilled with this morning ("Six monies for just ONE tooth!").

I was hoping that he would still be excited about it, even without the little mysterious fairy coming into his room at night. And he was, and it's still a big deal to lose a tooth, although truthfully I think he was more relieved than anything to have it out (he was terrified of swallowing it and choking on it, which he did anyway - swallowed, not choked). It was definitely still a big deal, to all of us.

And these are what the kids are getting in their Valentine's mailboxes from me. This year we set up a kind of little "post office" where each of us has a box or bag to put secret Valentines in for each other. The only rules are 1) everyone must put at least one Valentine into everyone else's box by 2/14, and 2) no one can peek into their mailbox before the big day. The boys have worked hard making cards for everyone. I haven't made cards yet, but I've slipped a little piece of candy into everyone's mailbox so far. These balls are really the main gift from me - one piece of candy is plenty. My only fear is that Daddy will forget - must keep reminding him! Oh, the fabric balls are designed per child - the pink and black one, obviously, is Eva's. Owen's is blue with butterflies, and Ari's is blue with kitty cats (his favorite animal, you know). And, for those of you who know, these are composed entirely of DLF!

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The Harris Family said...

What great ideas! I now consider your website (thanks for posting again!!!) a great place to learn new craft ideas and kid tips. Pretty soon I will be watching you TV program instead...for now, your blog will work just fine.