Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Buuuuuut - the Tooth Fairy isn't real.

Owen has his first loose tooth! This is so exciting! And it's not just a little loose, either, it's like dangly loose. I don't know how it got this loose without us knowing about it - especially since we still brush his teeth for him every night - but that puppy is about to fall out. And he's already letting people know that, while his tooth might be loose, the Tooth Fairy is not real, so don't go there with him. He has this same approach to Santa Claus - not pausing to spare the feelings of those around him (just ask his little cousins who he unloaded on right after Christmas). We've told him that we want his tooth, so we'll trade him for a little present when it falls out. And, PS, it is incredibly hard to photograph a loose tooth!

This picture is the strings from the quilt fabric I bought for our bedroom - after I prewashed it all, I cut the strings from the raw edges before drying. I thought they made for a cool little pile of pretty.

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