Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Grease is the word

We won! There was some stiff competition this year, but we pulled out a victory. I just know it was the dance sequence that put us over the top. Here are some pictures of our set, my co-workers, and myself in my Rizzo costume. My friend Annie played the role of Rizzo's main squeeze, Kenickie. She was stellar in her performance. We were voted "Couple Most Likely to have to Get Married." And yes, that's a real hickey - but not from Kenickie. I had to wake Keith up early Tuesday morning before I went to work to get that one. It's all in the details, people, the details. I have tons more set and costume pictures, but I'll put those over in Flickr later today, so you can check them out if you care to. Captions for the photos, in order:

1. Some of the Pink Ladies crew in Frenchy's bedroom: Jan, Rizzo and Frenchy
2. Kenickie's yearbook photo (actually my friend and co-worker Annie)
3. Jan and her Twinkie (again in Frenchy's bedroom)
4. Rizzo's yearbook photo
5. Couple most likely to have to get married, in front of the jukebox in the Frosty Palace (love that string of rope lights on the jukebox!)

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Betsy or Alex said...

LOVE IT! Of course you won. The hickey is a great touch. Props to Keith for doing his part to help the team.