Saturday, November 04, 2006

16 Months!

Eva Louise Ballerina is 16 months old today! She is celebrating by walking. Yesterday she decided that she could stand up, unassisted, from a sitting position, and take some steps. She can also stand up from sitting on her little couch or chair and walk. She's pretty shaky, but this is major progress! She's been home now 14 weeks, and her physical therapist said that it takes about 3 months for an internationally adopted child to really start using their motor skills. So she is right on track, and I am very proud of her! She is really changing lately, or maybe I am changing, but we are getting along well. She is a good girl, and she tries so hard - to walk, to talk, to understand what's going on around her. So we are very proud of our little Yev today.

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