Saturday, October 21, 2006

Why I'm the poster child for health insurance.

I spent $238 at CVS yesterday. We are now the proud owners of:

- a 10-day supply of Amoxycillin
- a 5-day supply of Augmentin
- a 5-day supply of Omnicef
- a 5-day supply of super-expensive ear drops
- an inhaler full of Albuterol
- Robitussin DM
- an 8-pack of paper towels

All this to treat:
- 3 infected ears
- 1 burst eardrum
- 1 set of wheezing lungs
- 1 case of clinical pneumonia

(Actually, the paper towels were just for me, they don't technically treat anything.)

So I spent yesterday afternoon at the doctor's office with all three kids (this is the best way I know of to deplete all patience and long-suffering you've ever had, even drawing on future reserves, and exhaust yourself completely. This will not, however, tire out the children at all.). All three of them are sick: Eva and Owen have ear infections (this does not bode well for Owen, who just had his tubes out in July, and he's already infected), Eva has the burst eardrum, Owen is on the inhaler (long-term, apparently), the Robitussin is for all of them, and Ari has pneumonia.

Can you see why the posts are few and far between lately? Everyone is run down, cranky, not eating, coughing until they throw up. There is no sleeping at night because of the coughing - although I put everyone down at 6 PM last night, and Ari slept until 9 AM. So at least he is rested this morning.

Oh, and the entire couch fell on Ari's left middle finger yesterday afternoon. We initially thought it was broken, but the doctor says it's just mashed all up. He won't move it or use it, it's purple and bloody, and I'd be shocked if the nail stayed on.

We are a happy crew indeed.

I'm thinking about moving to Montana.

(Updated book list in the Goal Journal.)


The Thomas Gang said...

I almost have to go to bed and rest just from reading this. You poor guys. I know all about the joys of ear infections since Josh lived on antibiotics for the first 6-7 years of his life. He is now immune to at least two kinds that I can think of right off the top of my head. He too had tubes and we battled infections for years even after they came out. He was about 8 when he quit getting them. Of course we had to have tonsillitis all the time too so it would go from one thing to the other. It does get better once they get a little older which means absolutely nothing to you right at this moment I know. I'll be praying for them to all get better soon.


Granny Geri said...

Montana must be looking pretty good about now. Ha Ha Sure hope the kids are better. I know all of them sick at one time can't be good for anyone concerned. Got picture today and it is just gorgeous. Thanks so much. Tried to call Sunday and didn't get an answer so I hope that meant everyone was well enough to get out of the house.