Sunday, October 29, 2006

Full of crafts

Welcome to my weekend.

Every Halloween is a throw-down in our office, with the fiercest contest in town, every team competing to win the coveted Halloween award of excellence. Last year my team won the decoration/costume contest with our Clue theme. This year: Grease. We are poised and ready to win the prize. I am playing the role of Rizzo (Pink Ladies jacket and all), and I was also in charge of the jukebox. It took me all weekend, and would've taken longer if I hadn't talked a co-worker into helping me paint. But it turned out super good. My camera batteries just died, or I would put up a better picture, including the kids to get an idea of height. It's a massive piece of work. We're also going to have an almost-life-sized replica of Greased Lightning, a soda shop, Rydell High, Frenchie's bedroom, and a dance sequence. Yes, you heard me, a dance sequence. How I talked all the co-workers into agreeing to dance (while sober, no less) is a miracle, but it's going to add a lot to the presentation. Oh, and our soda shop will be actually serving ice cream to the judges. I really think we're unbeatable. I'll be taking lots of pictures that day at work, so you can see me in my costume finery, along with the awesome set. I also need to take some pictures of Owen's popcorn costume - it came out really good. I had to glue each piece of popcorn (2.5 microwave bags of it) individually to the costume, but it was worth it. I've reached my craft quota for a few months, anyways.

I'm finally getting around to putting up some pictures from Owen's birthday party (Care Bear themed). He looks like a grown boy! Between being four and growing his hair out, he certainly doesn't look like my baby anymore. Lots more pictures in Flickr.

We got Eva's assessment back from the state. She is actually on-target for physical development and motor skills, so she doesn't qualify for physical therapy. Her social evaluation put her at 6 months, which is a significant delay. So she will qualify for therapy in that area. I have no idea what kind of therapy one would do in the social arena, but who I am to deny her any advantage, right? Overall she's doing better than when she first arrived - attaching is a process, and I have no idea where we are in the scheme of things, but things are better. She is slowing down on the absolute gorging, although she is still crazy about getting the food onto her plate. She is getting longer, for sure, although she's still a skinny thing. She is trying out new sounds - no new words yet, but she does make two-syllable noises for thank-you and okay (phonetically not even in the same ballpark, but she's trying).

I'll be busy with the festivities for the next few days, but I promise lots of pictures of dressed-up babies (popcorn, scarecrow, et al).

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