Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Egg Fun (Not so much)

Yesterday I took the boys to a community Easter egg hunt at a historic home here in town. The place itself (I think it's an old plantation) was beautiful. We walked around and looked at all the old buildings and the barn. We sat in old rocking chairs and looked at the old cemetary. Then it was time for the egg hunt, which Owen was totally excited about. They had a tiny area roped off for way too many kids (ages 0 - 3), and not nearly enough eggs. When they shouted GO we all jumped in and started grabbing eggs. Ari managed to get a handful, but Owen just stood there and cried. He was freaked out by a mixture of things, namely the crush of people in this tiny area grabbing eggs. The eggs were gone in about a minute, and poor Owen didn't end up with anything. It was no fun at all. I think this afternoon I'm going to hide a bunch of eggs around our yard and let the boys hunt for them here. The less people, the better, as far as Owen is concerned.

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