Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Babies on the mend

I've been home the past two days with sick children. They actually got sick last Friday, and they're on the tail end of it now, but the poor babies look miserable. Their eyes are swollen shut and they are coughing and running awful fevers. They've been pretty much laying on the couch and snuggling with each other and watching movies all day long, but today there's a little zest in them, so things are looking up. I had a meeting at 9 AM this morning which I did over the web since I couldn't be at work - and of course they were feeling JUST GREAT and were very LOUD and then EVEN LOUDER. Hopefully all colleagues were understanding.

I have really enjoyed staying with them these past few days, even with the illness. When they were infants, the days seemed to drag on when it was just us here at the house. But now the time flies by - either playing with them, or letting them play while I clean, cook, etc. I am starting to get a glimpse of what life will be when I am finally able to stay home with them. I think I'll like it. The trash truck came today and picked up our garbage, and watching them see that for the first time was so cool. They were absolutely enthralled with the whole process, even the trash man himself. Little things like that will be the best part of being home with them full time.

I got an email from our adoption agency this morning:

"Foster's dossier has passed check in the Ministry Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan and is on check in the Ministry of Education which should give out the invitation within the next few days."

I am NOT getting my hopes up. I'm just saying.

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