Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Olfactory Memories

Isn't it weird how a smell can trigger a memory?

My recent vegetable binge has me cutting up a tomato most every night for dinner. The smell of fresh cut tomatoes always makes me think of my mom. I always flash back to a memory that I don't really even remember, it's just sort of a foggy picture in the back of my mind. I am little, before my brother came along, so younger than 5. We live in a house in town where I grew up, a house that I have no visual memory of. I am sitting in the living room, on the couch, with the coffee table in front of me. The TV is on, and there is clean laundry around me. I get the feeling that my mom was folding it, or is folding it, I can't remember. But I am fixing to eat a sandwich, and for some reason there are tomatoes on the sandwich. I don't like tomatoes, but did I for some reason ask to try them on this day? I can't remember. But I took a bite and didn't like it. I get the feeling that my mom was sitting by me on the couch, but I can't see her. And I guess that's why the smell of tomatoes always makes me think of my mom. I can't get a firm hold on the memory. Very strange.

What olfactory memories do you have?

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Nicole said...

Camp. I am always reminded of camp when I smell the rain and hickory trees. I don't know what it is about that combination, but it always takes me back to when I used to play at the campgrounds as a little girl.

It's funny because it doesn't take me to the recent years at camp, but usually the scent makes me revert back many years to scenes I don't even remember, much like the smell of tomatoes for you.

(What I don't understand is how someone who loves ketchup as much as you do can dislike tomatoes.)