Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Needed: Money

If anyone has any ideas on where we can get new bills, please email me ASAP. We desperately need brand new bills ($100s, $50s, we'll even take $20s, new issue) to take overseas for the adoption. And we need a lot of them. We've tried several branches of our own bank, and another local bank, and no one can seem to track down new money. So if you have an idea, I'm all ears!

Edited to Add: The banks and currency exchangers in Kazakhstan will only accept the newest, crispest bills from Americans. Anything with a fold or wrinkle or markings is rejected. Bad money = no tenge (Kaz currency) = no food!


Kim said...

Don't understand, Why do you need new bills to take with you?? Kim

mbekkali said...

I am a Kazakh and here is the truth. They accept old US bills at a small discount, new bills are accepted without problem even wrinkled as long as they are of new standard (shifted portraints of presidents). The best way, however, is to not take large amounrs of cash with you (thieves, corrupt custom officials) but have a credit card or debit card and upon arrival go to any bank and withdraw money (have max $100 in your wallet). I do not know who told you that stories but Almaty is as civilized as Des Moines, Iowa, where I currently live. Good luck. Mukhtar Bekkali