Sunday, October 09, 2005

End of the Weekend

It's that time again, time for my weekend recap. Keith was off all weekend, which was super nice. We're usually lucky to get him one day, so having him home both days was great. We slept in Saturday (Ha! 8AM is sleeping in! What's wrong with me?), then we made pancakes with blueberry syrup, which is a special treat. After cleaning up the stickiest boy ever (Owen) we headed out to secure the rest of Owen's party supplies and birthday gifts. We went to a local dollar store and he picked out plates, napkins, balloons, tablecloth, party hats and horns, and birthday candles. He loved being a part of this - even when I vetoed his wrapping paper choice (country kittens in cottages - but I talked him into spaceships). Then we went on to ToysRUs to get the rest of his gifts. They were having a special promotion where the kids could play with Bob the Builder building sets and wear yellow hardhats, so Keith stayed with Owen and played in the front of the store, while Ari and I gathered the pre-determined loot. It's amazing how much shopping we've done for Owen's birthday when he's right there with us, even riding in the same cart as his new toys, and he is completely oblivious. We got him a few smaller items (Ari got him a soccer ball), but the two big ticket items are a new desk, and a Fisher Price Read with Me DVD system. The desk is a Stage 2 Lifestyle plastic ensemble, and it is amazing. It is plastic, but looks like a real desk. It has a working clock and light, a chair, and several drawers and cabinets. Given Owen's penchant for coloring/drawing/art, I think he's going to love it. Up until now, he's done all of his coloring on his bed, so this is a step up. Keith assembled it today and it is sitting in our room, under a sheet. The DVD system looks like a Nintendo, but it reads books to kids, and asks questions about what they just read. It teaches vocabulary, reading comprehension, basic skills like opposites, that sort of thing. He loves reading (or rather, us reading to him), so I think he'll like it. I wrapped everything today, and I'm not exactly sure who is more excited, Owen or his parents. And as of yesterday, he has six very cool birthday cards hanging on his ribbon. This is the best tradition to do with him; he has just loved it. I think I'll start doing it for him every year.

Today was a lazy day. The boys slept in again, and Keith got up with them and let me sleep an extra hour. AN HOUR, PEOPLE. SOMEBODY GET THAT MAN A MEDAL. Once I got up, Owen and Keith went into town for a newspaper and donuts. Owen picked out several for Ari and me, including sprinkles and pink frosting. We ate breakfast, then baths for the boys, then play time, then naps, then a late lunch, then some house cleaning, more play time outside, then dinner and bed. Very low-key, and so very nice. During dinner tonight, Owen said, "Daddy, I really had fun with you today getting donuts." Just out of the blue. It was the sweetest thing ever, and I swear it melted my husband. I thought he was going to say that he had fun outside, or playing, but it was the little trip to town with Daddy that he really loved. I LOVE THOSE BOYS.

Now they're all in bed, and it was a full and interesting day. Even if it's almost 8PM and I haven't taken a shower yet. THE BABIES DON'T CARE. Plus, I think it's almost my turn.

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Aitch said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! That desk sounds pretty frickin cool. Make sure to post pictures of Owne usng it.

So what;s with the ticker down below?