Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Big Three

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Dear Owen,

Today you are three years old. Today is a good day.

At three, it is impossible for me to document your skills. You are so smart, learning so much, I can't keep up. Your interests are varied, your thoughts are getting deeper, your vocabulary is exploding. You are amazing. Here are a few things I can write down for posterity - at three, you:

  • know your ABC's, count to 10, know all colors and basic shapes.
  • spell your name, and 7 to 10 other words.
  • are very close to being completely potty-trained.
  • love artwork, projects, crafts, especially coloring.
  • also love toys - boy stuff, like cars and balls.
  • hate having your teeth brushed. HATE IT!
  • sleep in your big boy bed, for about 11 hours each night.
  • still take a mid-morning nap, about an hour and a half per day.
  • are starting to really enjoy your brother.
  • know a million songs, and make up at least a million each day.
  • know left and right, and some opposites.
  • are a very picky eater. Some days I swear you exist on love alone.
  • weigh about 38 pounds, and are 3 feet tall.
  • are learning to ride a tricycle.
  • call all fast food places "Ronald McDonald's."
  • are starting to figure out how to talk on the phone.
  • have an amazing memory, and remember people and places from long ago.
  • are starting to grasp deeper concepts, like where things come from, the changes in nature and weather, etc.
  • say, "You're the best cooker, Mom," when you like whatever I've made for you to eat, followed immediately by, "I really love you!"
  • tell Daddy or me on a daily basis, "You are my best friend, right?"
  • answer to any of the following: Owen, Bub, Buddy, Monk, Mink, Minkus, Pup, Gorge.

And so much more that I'm forgetting right now. You speak in sentences, paragraphs, narratives, soliloquies. You love books; you'll be reading so soon. I can go on and on about how bright you are, creative and funny. And gorgeous - oh my word, you are so beautiful. The eyes, always the eyes, but the nose, the lips, the hands, the one freckle on your shoulder, your new freckles across your nose. I have you memorized, that's for sure.

I am so excited to celebrate you today, my big boy. What would each day be without you to snuggle with and dance with and learn with? I am so blessed, more than a written word can get across, and so I tell you again: I love you, Monk. You are Mom's best friend, right?



Poppy said...

Happy Birthday Owen! Your Meme and I wish that we could be with you on this special day. We never realized what a huge blessing grandchildren would be until you were born. We talk daily about you and Ari, and I say goodnight to you everynight just before going to bed, as I walk by your pictures in our bedroom. We love you and Ari very much.


Aitch said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy!