Saturday, September 24, 2005


Last night in the car, on our way home from Thai food, we shared this conversation.

Owen: [after a long silence] Mommy, will I always be called Owen?
Me: Yes buddy, you'll always be called Owen.
Owen: Even when I get really big?
Me: Yep.
Owen: Oh. [looks confused] But I thought I would be a girl when I get bigger?
Me: No, you'll always be a boy, and you'll always be called Owen Davis.

Owen: Oh. [still looks confused] Will you always be Mommy?
Me: Yes, I'll always be Mommy forever.
Owen: And Daddy will always be Daddy, and Ari will always be Ari, right?
Me: Right.

Owen: Right! [looks relieved]

Not sure what brought that on.

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Aitch said...

Aww.. tooo cute.