Friday, September 23, 2005

Back to Music City

After a whirlwind four days through St. Louis and Minneapolis, I'm home! And happy to be here. I took five different airplanes over the past four days, and none of them broke down or in any remote way appeared to be plunging to the ground. So I guess my luck is changing.

My flights yesterday were delayed due to bad weather in Chicago. I arrived into Minneapolis almost two hours late, by which time Hertz had cancelled my rental car reservation. Before I had time to stress out, they put me in a black 2005 Lincoln Navigator, with leather interior, wood paneling, sunroof, satellite radio, the works. I know what you're thinking: 'That gas guzzler? She doesn't want one of those!' Heck yes, I want one of those! It was AWESOME. I've never considered myself a car person, but it was super cool.

I'm tired tonight, but glad to be home. I loved seeing the Yus, I loved seeing Marcie and Ryan. It was like a high school reunion getting back with them. LOVE THOSE TWO. We went bra shopping together - the ultimate female bonding tradition. It was a good trip, for business and for pleasure. I also realized, while I was up north, that I love St. Paul. What a gorgeous city. Why is it that the sky is so blue in Minnesota? I'd trade Nashville's 90-degree heat for St. Paul's 65-degree perfection any day. I loved the city today.

Finally, picture it: In my living room, Keith and I both working on our laptops. I'm on the couch, he's in the floor on the other side of the room. We're typing away in silence, when -DING- I get an instant message. It's Keith. "Reba?" I type back, "Just a minute." After a few more minutes he types, "Now?" and I type, "Ready." And he turns on the TV. Ah, the glory of the communication era.

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Kim said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip and got to have some fun with your friends. It is nice to get away once in awhile but nicer to get back home!! Love Kim