Friday, September 02, 2005

Destruction, and We Want to Help

I am dismayed to hear and see the reports coming out of New Orleans. I can't understand the devestation, the delay in getting help, the pictures of dead or dehydrated babies. My company, who was wonderful through 9/11, is being equally wonderful through this disaster. They've set up extended stay hotels for all of their employees and extended families, they are providing them with cash cards to purchase whatever they need, just taking care of them in general. Unlike 9/11, when we lost hundreds of employees, all employees from our New Orleans office are accounted for. I'm so glad our company is helping, proud of their willingness to step up. They are also matching any donations from employees dollar-for-dollar, so our donations are worth double. Please give something, please help.

Gas is running out here in the city. Many stations have only premium left, and many stations are completely out. The price gouging hasn't started yet; although gas is well over $3 (over $5 for premium), it's not the $6/gallon that it is in Atlanta. Thank goodness we're not traveling this weekend, for a few days off where we won't be using any gas. It costs well over $50 to fill up the van, beast that it is. We'll be staying close to home for the next little while.

Fully anticipating travel dates next week, looking to hop a plane to Kazakhstan as quickly as possible. I ordered 16 books from Ebay; hopefully that will be enough to keep me busy on the plane rides and in-country (I read very quickly). So much to pack, so many lists to make. No news on Eva. I told our coordinator that I wasn't giving up, not with her "he thinks" or "they say maybe" answers. I told her that until we hear something firm on Eva, we're holding on to hope. It's not true, unfortunately, as I have almost completely given up all hope, but maybe it will keep her pressing forward if she thinks I am tougher than I am.

The boys are wonderful. Owen is learning to spell - "S-T-O-P stop stop stop!" Ari is becoming increasingly clingy, refusing to walk or be put down at all. I think this is due largely to the sitter's daughter (lives with sitter L), who is 37 weeks pregnant and sits most of the day with AK in her lap. He is getting too used to constant holding and babying. Keith wondered if we should talk to her about it; I don't think it's necessary. I foresee a rough break for Baby Ari in about 3 weeks, where he will no longer be the baby, when a certain little girl is born.

I am going to the salon today, for a cut/brow wax/perm. Yes, that's right, I said it - PERM. I am terrified. My stylist, who is hip and adorable and wonderful, who I've been seeing for 3 years now, told me last time I was there, "Every day, someone sits in this chair and I have to talk them out of a perm. I don't do perms. But I think you would do great with one." Ack. I trust her, obviously, as I booked my appointment that very afternoon, and today is the day. Will post again immediately if it is truly a disaster.

Finally, a huge and giant thanks to all the commentors who offer support and good thoughts about the adoption and Eva and my adorable boys. I don't know you all, and I don't know how to email you personally, but thank you so much. It means a lot to me.


kze said...

My heart breaks seeing the devastation in NO. The loss of life is going to be staggering when all is said and done.

On a happier note though...
Can't wait to hear the news that you are on your way!!!

Kim said...

My heart goes out to you! And will pray for good news on Eva. Hope all goes well with your trip, and will pray for a safe return. At least you know the boys are in good hands waiting for your return. Love Kim