Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Finally, some good news.

I needed some good days, and thankfully, the past few have been pretty good. Monday was especially good, as I got a promotion at work that I’ve been wanting for a while. It’s a lot of extra work and a little extra money, but I’ll take it. We also got some great news on another front (private, but still good news, and no I’m not pregnant). Then today I received word that our dossier is now in Kazakhstan! That is wonderful news. Normally it takes four to six weeks for the dossier to make it through the Embassy in Washington and on to the country. Ours took two weeks! So we’re that much closer to our trip.

I haven’t heard anything else about Eva having a visitor. I don’t know if this family member is interested in adopting her. I only know that if they are, they have first priority over us. It’s as it should be, really. If a birth family situation is stable and loving, then it is ideal over an intercountry adoption. I can’t say that I wouldn’t be disappointed, but her best interests are the most important thing. No news on her medicals yet, either. We’re told that once our documents get to Kazakhstan (which they currently are!), we’ll be perceived as "serious" about her, and will probably have access to more information.

Owen had a follow-up appointment yesterday with his ENT doctor, to make sure he's healing from his surgery. Everything looked great, apparently, although he was less than cooperative during the hearing tests. I took a new SpongeBob Pez dispenser for him, a bribe if he'd open his mouth and say 'Ah' for the doctor. It worked, sort of, and he was very excited to have a new Pez dispenser (not sure why he loves them, but he does).

Keith finishes up this semester on Thursday, and he desperately needs the break. He's really worn out. He's going to take a few days to recuperate, and he's going to keep the boys home with him for a while (should point out that he's still working full-time, but evenings and weekends). I think they'll love that. Not much is cooler than Dad (except maybe Pez)! It's fair season, so I think he wants to take the boys one afternoon, let them enjoy it before it gets too crowded. Owen keeps asking to see pigs, and the fair seems like just the place for that.

I cut Ari's hair this weekend. I've got to get better at it. With all these boys, I could save us a lot of money if I could pull off a decent haircut. Ari's isn't too bad. He grew himself a mighty fine mullet that I had to take care of. He looks much more mature now without all that baby fuzz. Just as a boy of 11 months and 2 weeks should look.


y-vonne said...

Love your site - you are a talented and interesting writer. I have three kids as well, all boys and all genetically mine. Admire your courage!

kze said...

So,the way I see it is you'll get there first and find out all the things NOT to do and NOT to bring, so when we get there, we'll know what to do!! LOL!!!

Glad Owen is healing up nicely! I am with him though...Pez dispensers are COOL!!