Thursday, July 21, 2005

In which I am a potty mouth

Owen ate two bowls of macaroni and cheese today for lunch, a cause for celebration indeed! His little ribs are sticking out and his face is narrow after not eating a meal for a solid seven days. I have high hopes that he'll start feeling much better immediately, as eating should help him gain some strength back. The whining and not sleeping and clinging, it's endearing for a day or so, but we're on Day 7 now, and really. FREAKING REALLY ALREADY.

At work today, after working on a manufactured home finance company file for a while, I got to their financials and, seeing things out of sort and losing money, I began muttering under my breath. At first I was just talking into the air, not listening to myself. Then I started listening, and I tell you, I have a potty mouth! I'm not talking about curse words, but there are definitely a few questionable words that sneak out. Oh who am I kidding, not a few, but a multitude. I blame Kyle, entirely. And Alex a little bit, because, "prairie dogging" - - come on, how am I not going to repeat that? And myself, of course, and I guess I'm on a self-imposed potty talk fast. Must clean up language, as I hear Owen saying things like, "Get this crap, Mommy," and I feel responsible. Not that I care, but someone, somewhere, might.

Yesterday mine own eyes witnessed Ari take 3 steps, from tiny rocking chair to giant teddy bear. He was so very proud of himself, as we all watched and cheered, that his legs folded beneath him and he crashed to the ground. It was so wonderful! I love the walking, I think it's going to improve his relationship with Owen when they can play together better. Current situation not inducive to play when older brother runs room to room having 'campovers' and baby brother crawls in circles like a tiny crazy person, trying to find older brother who moves in a blur. Can't wait to see him toddling hither and yon.

Today Angel left, on a jet plane, don't know when she'll be back again. It was fantastic having my mom here over the past week. Literally couldn't have handled Owen's surgery (or more accurately, the complete and total ignoring of Ari that was done by me while Owen recovered) without her. Much gratitude.


kze said...

Glad Owen is feelig better!

I nearly spit coffe all over my desk when I read
"get this crap, mommy". Too funny!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the "holla"- was glad I was there. Will speak to Kyle about the potty mouth. Love ya, RC

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe that you were blaming your command of the English language on Kyle; but after spending a few days with him, I completely agree! HECK YES!!