Tuesday, July 19, 2005

In which I am off hiatus

It's over and done, Owen's surgery. My poor boy, he sleeps and cries, then cries and sleeps. He's lost quite a bit of weight because he won't eat or drink at all. He's pretty much miserable, and what can I do besides hold him and let him fuss and whine? I went back to work yesterday, and he screamed when I left. If I wasn't leaving him with his dad and my mom, I couldn't have left him. He wasn't thrilled with my mom yesterday, giving her directions and being nasty in general. Hopefully they'll have a better day today.

I got an email from our adoption agency today, letting us know that we need to complete a new Power of Attorney form and send it to them. We already did this once, had the thing notarized, certified, apostilled, the whole nine yards. I still don't know why that one won't work - different attorney, for reasons unbeknownst to me. It's frustrating as I watch our August travel date vanish into the unknown. This may extend our stay in Nashville indefinitely. Not that I don't love the city - I do. But my life, the real story, isn't Nashville, Tennessee. It's a lot smaller, slower-paced, and involves a lot more chickens. So I was disappointed, but our coordinator hopes to have medicals in for Eva at the end of this week. If she can come through on that one, I'll be okay.

Ari has really turned it on this week. I don't know if it's all the one-on-one time he's been getting since Owen's surgery or what, but he is learning something new every day. He's taking a few steps here and there, and he's learned to shake his head 'no' when he does something that he knows he shouldn't do. He will crawl towards some forbidden object (say, a lamp cord), and reach his hand towards it. Then he looks back over his shoulder at me and shakes his head no, and laughs. He's missed his brother throughout the ordeal. He looks for him everywhere, and when he finds him (usually in his bed resting), he just grins ear to ear. Ari will be 11 months old next week, unbelievable.

Keith bought a van last week. It's older, but it runs well and the interior is nice. It easily fits all of the carseats. I can't imagine what it will be like having three little ones lined up in a row. I'm guessing they'll drive each other crazy. Those will be the days.

Work is consuming me, so I can't write more. After two days out last week, plus one of our team quit last week, so there is much to do in the world of underwriting. I have pictures, oh do I have pictures - I just need the time to upload them. Coming soon.

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