Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Workplace Drama

So all our incessant complaints about current management (RD) have been addressed, and the main source of the problems (RD) has been taken out of management. I am so very happy, I can literally feel all my ulcers healing themselves, and I'm pretty sure my hair stopped falling out. However, this means that all of his pet projects, that he was supposed to finish yesterday! or last week! or a month ago! are now mine. So I'm literally swamped with special projects above and beyond my workload. I've been very industrious, and actually stayed late one day last week! I've also been known to work through lunch lately. What is wrong with me? It wasn't long ago I was swearing off any extra diligence to this job. I'm such a sucker for a special project, with pens and spreadsheets and markers and special paper. I think this is genetic. Owen is always asking me if I'll get his art box down so we can "do a project!" And all these projects leave me with much less time, at least in the interim, for updating this page. Sorry.

Since I posted last, Ari has learned the Army Crawl. He is fully mobile, and moves himself around our house on his forearms, with the rest of his body dragging doggedly behind. He is into everything, and has tried (mostly without success) to pull the following items over onto himself: the highchair, an iron side table, a dining room chair, a fake fern, Dante' and his brother. His sitter commented yesterday that he is so much more mobile than he was on Friday, so he had great leaps and bounds in his "crawling" this weekend. No surprise there, since he's changing at that same pace every single day. I anticipate real crawling, the first tooth, and maybe even some ma-ma-ma-ma (but more likely da-da-da-da) soon.

I'm leaving Wednesday after work and heading northwest to meet Taya Lillian. I plan to stay three-ish days, and I'm going to cook for the Yus, and I might even clean something. I remember a scant six months ago when I myself was stiched up in the girly parts and reveled in the cooking and cleaning skills of Betsy when she visited. So I am off to do my friendly duty and take care of her, while she heals and adjusts and becomes Mommy Spectacular (that reminds me, Betsy, have you seen 50 First Dates? Maybe we can watch it while I'm there?)!

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Kim said...

Have a safe trip, but have fun! So is keith looking forward to 3 days without mommy? Are you afraid of what you might come home to? CONGRATS again to the Yu's.