Monday, February 28, 2005

The Weekend

It's over already. But yesterday Keith got up with Thing 1 and Thing 2 and let me sleep until 10:30AM. What a mighty fine man (yes he iii-is ya'll). We went to the mall yesterday for a couple of hours, just to walk around and burn some energy. There's a pet store at the mall, so Owen and I looked at all the animals. He asked me if we could pet one of the puppies, and I thought that would be fine, so I asked the sales lady if we could hold a little, tiny, adorable Cairn Terrier. He was the cutest little jumpy, bitey puppy ever. We went into the holding room, and I was playing with the puppy, and Owen said, "Okay, let's put him up and go out." He didn't care at all about the little puppy. So that was a waste of time. But the puppy got out of his cage and got to play for a while, like with real interaction with another living being, so that was the upside.

After the mall we went out to dinner, and both the boys were little angels. This does not happen very often, and so is a notable event when it does occur. Owen sat in his highchair and colored and ate dinner, and didn't spill anything. Ari looked around and ate some little pieces of bread and laughed at the people at the table behind us. It was probably the most pleasant meal I've had in ages. Except that my salmon sucked and I didn't eat it and pretty much paid $13 for a baked potato. But the experience, it was worth it. On the way out of the restaurant, I told Owen, "You and Ari were so good today! What a good day! Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you." And he said, "Yeah! And we be good! And sometimes me and Ari cry and we be naughty boys." It was so sad. I told him they weren't naughty for crying, but I don't know if he believed me. I mean, sometimes he does some naughty little things, but he's not inherently naughty. Little guy, with the complex already.

I had a dream Saturday night about our adoption. I was standing at the edge of the ocean, and I saw a baby floating up on the shore. It was not a tiny baby, but bigger, maybe a year old. I was worried the baby would drown, so I ran over and grabbed up the baby, and it was an Asian girl. I took her inside and I kept her because she was mine. I don't really feel like analyzing it beyond knowing it was about the adoption, and it made me feel good, but it wasn't a savior-type thing where we think, 'We're going to go to Asia and save a baby!' Because that's not it at all. We're adopting because this is how we choose to build our family. But the dream was really nice, and I'm so excited to be able to think that we'll be bringing home our child sometime in the next year. It's like being pregnant, but without all the weight gain and bladder-squishing.

My parents will be visiting in less than 3 weeks! We are looking forward to this very much. Owen keeps telling me that he's going to watch the reindeer movie in Poppy's truck. I get the Poppy's truck part, but I cannot for the life of me figure out the reindeer movie. This is also the kid that swore up and down yesterday that Ari was bleeding in his ear (I checked; he wasn't). Sometimes I think he resides in some 2-year old, alternate dimension (I originally typed 'dimentia' which is spelled wrong but might actually make more sense, can I get an amen from those with 2-year olds like mine).

Happy Monday!

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