Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I've completed our initial application for the adoption. We're having it notarized tomorrow, and then it goes into the mail with $150 application fee. Feels unreal, almost. I got on the phone with a social worker yesterday, from the agency here locally, and she quelled my fears about special needs adoption. We have to be open to receiving a child with special needs, but she's never placed a child that was anything less than perfectly healthy. She said special needs includes things like "visible birthmark" and "doesn't like to play in groups." Not so needy, after all. The more I spoke with her, the more comfortable I felt. So Korea, here we come.

On another issue entirely, am I the only one watching American Idol that thinks Paula Abdul just might be on drugs? What's with the glazed look and weird, jerky movements? She's kind of crazy, in a cute, irritating way. Like a gnat (that's gnat), buzzing around Simon. Like maybe sometimes he just wants to slap her.

Betsy is 36 weeks pregnant today! I'm looking forward to my trip to visit her when baby Taya is born, although Keith and I haven't worked out the details of where Owen and Ari will go while I'm away. We probably should discuss that soon. Since she could be giving birth any minute now! How very exciting.

This morning I left all three of my boys in the big bed having some snuggle time. It was so cute, I tried to take a picture, but alas, battery exhausted. Ari was up at 6AM, and he woke Owen up, so everyone climbed in bed with Daddy. I was getting ready in the bathroom, and I heard Ari laughing so hard, I thought Keith was tickling him. But he was laughing at Owen. I love those two together. Then I heard Owen say, "Don't put your hand on me, Ari! Ari touching me!" And so it is with brothers.

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Kim said...

Good luck to you and Keith on the adoption hopefully it will work out for the best. And as for Owen & Ari playing together it is adorable but as you have seen they have their moments where they don't want nothing to do with each other. And it does get worse the older they get. Would love to see some recent photos. Love Kim