Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

I don't know if I've ever made New Year's resolutions before. It doesn't sound like something I'd do. But I thought maybe this year I'd give it a try. Nothing too difficult; I don't want to feel like a failure come December 2005, after all. But maybe I'll think of a few goals that are attainable, and beneficial. Oh, and measurable. Not just "be a better mom," but something by which I can measure success. So, without further ado, I present to you My Goals for 2005:
  1. Read my Bible/do a devotional most days. Even when I'm tired. Even when I'm already in bed with the lights out when I remember. Even when I don't want to, which is pretty much all the time.
  2. Teach Owen to recognize all the letters of the alphabet, and numbers 1 through 10. (I'd like to teach him to spell his name, too. Maybe that's pushing it? Oh well, I'm going for it.) And I will teach Owen to spell his name. Just O-W-E-N; I'm not holding myself to the last name.
  3. Potty-train Owen, and not feel guilty for whatever methods I have to use to get him into underwear, even if it involves candy and/or McDonalds.
  4. Cook dinner at least several times a week. Really cook, not counting Hamburger Helpers and frozen raviolis. Implement a decent system for making this happen.
  5. Make all of Ari's baby food fresh. Finish breastfeeding him, either until he weans or until the supply dries up, whichever happens first.
  6. Write in the boys' journals once a month.
  7. Take three weekend get-aways with my menfolk. Not expensive or fancy, just good family time.
  8. And take one weekend get-away with my husband. No babies. Just couple time.
  9. Be less selfish with my time. No more playing with Owen in the living room so that I can keep one eye on the television. Both boys will get All Mom, All the Time. At least until I collapse under the pressure.
  10. Visit the Yus twice. At least twice. Friendships like theirs are worth working on and maintaining. Anticipate return visits; make them feel guilty if they do not comply.
  11. Paint my bedroom and bathroom. This might be a resolution more for Keith, not sure.
  12. Decide what country we will adopt from; start preliminary paperwork.
  13. Follow up on homeschooling options, especially Pre-K. Make a decision regarding Owen's educational needs, i.e. find out if he can start kindergarten in Arkansas at 4.5 years if he tests appropriately.
  14. Send Keith to library if we are interrupting his study time. Be supportive with his schoolwork, i.e. do not complain about 5 hours spent in kitchen making lemon puff cookies and scones for presentation on Great Britain.
  15. Start planning to sell our house and move home (December 2005)!

That should be plenty to work on right now. None of them are too deep and emotional, and I certainly didn't list "lose weight," although I probably should have. But I think I've listed 15 attainable goals to accomplish by December 2005. Now I will file them away and not think about them until next New Year's! Just kidding, just kidding. I think I'll print my list and hang it up at home and at work, and hopefully stick to most of them. What are your resolutions?

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Anonymous said...

Loved hearing about your New Year's resolutions. Of course I enjoyed the part about seeing us twice a year. And of course we will do our best to do our part. Thankfully we got in a couple visits in 2004 so we will just keep it going in 2005. I have just a few resolutions for 2005, 1. to become a smarter shopper at the grocery store, i.e. coupons and special offers. 2. write thank you letters for gifts in a timely manner. 3. remember birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family, including sending a small gift or card. So there you have it. Nothing too wild and crazy but somethings I would like to become better at. Love and miss you,